Best curtain cleaning services in Dubai

Are you looking for the best curtain cleaning in Dubai? A home is incomplete without these two things: curtains and lampshades. Curtains are an inevitable part of home décor. Not just their design and colour are essential; their cleanliness and quality are also equally important. Washing curtains in the washing machine can damage their delicate fabric by causing permanent shrinkage.


Professional intervention is recommended if you wish to maintain the freshness and newness of your curtains. There are many curtains cleaning service providers in Dubai that offer high-quality curtain maintenance services, but the services of Diva Laundry is unmatchable.

Services Offered for Curtain Cleaning

We being the leading Dubai Curtain Cleaners, offers four types of curtain cleaning services to our customers.

· Curtain Dry Cleaning – This is one of our most popular services. The curtains are cleaned in the finest manner without the usage of any liquid solutions. Special dry cleaning agents are used wherein the cleaning compounds safely destroy the dust particles and dirt from the innermost core of the fabric. This makes the curtains spotless clean and ready for immediate use with zero pungent smell.




· On-Site Cleaning Services – Our professional team offers exclusive on-site curtain cleaning services to the clients. Your curtains will be cleaned without taking them down. However, special care will be taken for the pamphlets, windows, and other décor attachments. The best part about this cleaning is that the results are instant, and the curtains will remain intact with perfect colour and shine.

Benefits of Availing Curtain Cleaning Services

Instead of waiting for your curtains to get dirty, connect with our professional services for curtain cleaning in Dubai to avail the following benefits.


  1. Gives a refreshing feel and positivity for your home interiors

  2. Saves money by enhancing the curtain’s quality and extending its life

  3. Provides a healthier home free of dust particles and mites

  4. Gets relief from the complicated curtain cleaning rituals

  5. For softer and sturdier fabric


It is to be noted that, a curtain cleaning task is a time-consuming process if you desire to do it properly. Diva Laundry, one of the best curtain dry cleaning in Dubai, can take care of your expensive drapery with the same love and concern. By hiring our services, you are not only saving your time and energy but also a lot of money which you might otherwise spend on replacing the curtains.


​· Curtain Wet Cleaning – Curtain wet cleaning is executed through a specially prepared liquid solution. Our professionals themselves check the solution before using it in the cleaning process. Later on, the curtains are rinsed and sanitized in this solution. Though this is a time-consuming method, the results are incredible.

· Steam Curtain Cleaning – Allergic to dust and dirt? We have the right curtain cleaning method for you! The steam cleaning method involves a process wherein, a thermal solution is directly sprayed on the curtain fabric and is recovered out through a powerful vacuum. The hot water and vacuum suction form the steam that extracts the minute dirt particles and dries the curtain at the same time.

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